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Greer Wines

Our inaugural wine was the 2007, an auspicious first vintage released in August, 2011.  Our fruit is sourced solely from our family vineyard, which produces 100% cabernet sauvignon from 101-14 rootstock grafted with clones 4 and 30 (the “See clone”). Aaron Pott is the winemaker and, since 2004, has been a persistent enthusiast of adding more vines to our property (which we did in 2012) and a cheerful prophet of the splendid possibilities.  His broad global experience, skill, and inherent talent have created wine rivaling his buoyant predictions - and exceeding our unspoken hopes.

Pott "Pantagruel" 2007
2011, Greer Cabernet Sauvignon Pris: 800,00 DKK
   Lager antal: 12
To be released in the spring 2015

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