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Herb Lamb

About Herb Lamb Vineyards

We never started out to become winemakers… we never dreamed we could even afford a premium vineyard in the Napa Valley! But somehow, the pieces just fell into place and now we are thrilled to share our passion for and product of the land with you.

In 1987, we purchased 7.4 acres of rocky hillside property in the Napa Valley, ranging from 600 to 800 feet in elevation, on the eastern hillsides of St. Helena just below Howell Mountain. We worked with friends and vineyard managers to help clear the land of pines, oaks and firs, and graded wide terraces which were planted with Cabernet Sauvignon on AXR rootstock, Clone 7. Over the years we have gradually re-planted block by block throughout the vineyard, still using the same clone, and many of these vines began producing in 2003.

The first literal fruits of our labor were realized in 1991 with a tiny crop that was sold to neighboring winemakers. With an average yield of less than 2 tons per acre, we recognized that this was no “get rich quick” scheme. While raising two children and working full-time jobs elsewhere, we focused on the continued quality of the vineyard and association with the finest winemakers possible.

By 1991, Mike Trujillo of Karl Lawrence Winery (in photo-by Marshall Harrington-on left, Herb on right) had discovered the intense quality of our hillside fruit as an integral blend for his successful new wine venture. The following year, Ann Colgin and her winemaker Helen Turley chose our vineyard as the sole source for her signature wine at Colgin Cellars. Given Mike’s winemaking expertise and friendship, it was only natural that we chose him to help create our first commercial wines, albeit less than 100 cases a year. He has helped us to show that the wines from Herb Lamb Vineyards, including our own HL Cabernet Sauvignon and E II Cabernet Sauvignon, are ambassadors of the soil, climate and location, giving the grapes from this site benchmark quality year after year.

As we evolved from grape growers to winemakers, we have also broadened our scope of wine production. We recently added a Sauvignon Blanc produced from three different clones in a small, family owned vineyard similar to ours, located in Yountville, partially fermented in small neutral barrles. Our E II Sauvignon Blanc is delightfull and refreshing, made for youthful enjoyment.

It also gives us great pride to produce large format bottles specifically for donations to local charities in support of children, the arts and health care issues. Although our limited production is sold primarily through our mailing list, we are now even more fortunate to have small amounts distributed in fine restaurants and retail stores. Thank you for helping to make it so fun!

Jennifer and Herb Lamb

2012, Herb Lamb, Sauvignon Blanc Pris: 220,00 DKK
   På lager
2011 Herb Lamb Estate Cabernet Pris: 1.200,00 DKK
   På lager
2010 Herb Lamb Estate Cabernet Magnum Pris: 2.500,00 DKK
   På lager
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