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RdV Vineyards

In 2008, Rutger de Vink set out to make an iconic American wine.

RdV Vineyards is the product of years of hard work and study, and a passion for elevating the craft of winemaking. From the very beginning, our Bordeaux-style blends, Lost Mountain and Rendezvous, have received praise for their complexity and finesse. Our wines rival the best the world has to offer.
We are located about an hour west of Washington, DC, on 16 acres of rolling countryside. The RdV team is small, but a collection of industry greats, from a Master Sommelier to a legendary French enologist. We are a family, working tirelessly to make the dream a reality. 
2011, RdV Friends & Family Pris: 375,00 DKK
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Pott "Pantagruel" 2007
2010, RdV Rendezvous Pris: 775,00 DKK
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2011, RdV Lost Mountain Pris: 1.000,00 DKK
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