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Retro Cellars

Retro Story

When Mike and Kara decided to make a wine of their own, they knew that they wanted to honor the history of the vineyard as well as the efforts of those that made the opportunity possible.

The historic Park Muscatine vineyard on Howell Mountain was chosen in part because Mike has known this vineyard since his childhood, pruning the vineyard in winter, and harvesting the fruit in the fall. And with its scant ton per acre production, this vineyard is a gem.

They chose the Retro name to pay hommage to the generational groundwork that's been laid for their endeavor, and with a vision for continuity in the future literally illustrated by the artwork on the label, which came from the hand of their then 11-year-old son,  Alex. Alex, now 17, is currently attending Oxbow Art school in Napa and plans to study art in college.

Howell Mountain Park Muscatine Vineyard
It took a few years to convince Randy Dunn, Mike’s father, to sell them some Petite Sirah grapes from the historic Park Muscatine vineyard on Howell Mountain.

The 4 acre-vineyard was planted in the 1950’s and has stood as a sentinel on Howell Mountain for more than a half century. DNA testing shows that most of the vines are the Durif clone of Petite Sirah, and some are Peloursin, the original cross with Syrah that produced Durif.

In the 1980’s the fruit was sold to Ridge Vineyards, and blended with Zinfandel, producing a wine famous for its “cult” following. During the 90’s the grapes were sold to Stag’s Leap Winery, La Jota and Elyse, who also blended the grapes with others to make their wine.

Quality wine starts in the vineyard. The French know this, with their concept of “terroir”, a wine’s expression of the place of origin in the bottle.

The Howell Mountain sub-appellation of Napa Valley was established in 1983, when Randy Dunn (Dunn Vineyards), Mike Beatty (Howell Mountain Vineyards) and Bill Smith (La Jota) petitioned the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Randy, a pilot, surveyed the region from the air and observed the climactic and geological uniqueness of the area above 1400 feet in elevation to the east of the town of St. Helena. Volcanic soils, milder temperature-swings from day to night, and being above the fog-line are factors contributing to the uniqueness of the area, as compared to the Napa Valley floor. Today, there are many vineyards and wineries in the appellation producing the “big mountain reds” the area is known for. The Howell Mountain Vintners & Growers Association promotes the appellation.

Napa Valley Iron Corral

Starting with the 2007 vintage Mike sourced 4 tons of Petite Sirah from a ranch in Pope Valley, the valley to the east of Napa Valley within the Napa Valley appellation. The principal difference between the old vine Howell Mountain and the Pope Valley Petite Sirah is the terroir. The Pope Valley vineyard is about 1,300 feet lower in elevation than our Park Muscatine Vineyard on Howell Mountain, has more alluvial soil than the iron-rich red clay of Howell Mtn., and has a warmer growing season and younger vines which produce great fruit without the heavy tannins. 195 cases were produced that vintage, and have met with great enthusiasm by restauranteurs in particular who are looking for a more fruit-forward Petite Sirah. We are especially pleased to have the wine on the list at the famed French Laundry.
2010, Retro Cellars "Howell Mt." Petite Sirah Pris: 330,00 DKK
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2011, Retro Cellars "Napa Valley" Petite Sirah Pris: 300,00 DKK
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