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The Scarecrow story begins in a patch of earth with a fabled past. The J.J. Cohn Estate, where Scarecrow grapes are born, borders what was once the legendary vineyard of Inglenook winemaker Gustave Niebaum, whose plantings blanketed more than 1,000 acres of the Napa Valley at the close of the 19th century.

John Daniel Jr. took the helm at Inglenook in 1939, determined to restore the label to pre-Prohibition standing and produce world-class Bordeaux-style wines. In 1945, Daniel convinced his neighbor, J.J. Cohn, to plant eighty acres of Cabernet vines on the 180-acre parcel Cohn had purchased a few years prior. The property served as a summer retreat for Cohn’s wife and their family. He had no ambitions to become a winemaker himself, but Daniel promised to buy his grapes, so Cohn planted vines. The rest, as they say, is history.

J.J. Cohn fruit figured prominently in Inglenook’s superlative Cabernet Sauvignons of the post-war era, and has more recently gone into wines of such renown as Opus One, Niebaum-Coppola, Duckhorn, Insignia and Etude.

J.J. Cohn Estate grapes are highly sought-after in part because Cohn bucked the trend, begun in the mid- 1960s, of replacing vines planted on St. George rootstock with the supposedly superior AxR#I hybrid. Over time, vines grafted onto this new stock proved highly vulnerable to phylloxera. But by then, virtually all of the old St. George vines in Napa had been destroyed. Only the original 1945 J.J. Cohn vines survived. These highly prized “Old Men” continue to produce uncommonly rich fruit—the hallmark of Scarecrow wine.

But the Scarecrow story doesn’t end there. This is more than a tale of enchanted ground and the exceptional wine that flows out of it. The Scarecrow story is a story, too, of an extraordinary family legacy. Joseph Judson Cohn was born in Harlem in 1895 to Russian immigrants. Cohn spent his childhood in dire poverty and never learned to prefer the taste of fresh bread over stale—even after he’d found great success in Hollywood.

A move west in the 1920s launched Cohn’s studio career. Highly resourceful and extremely capable, Cohn began as a bookkeeper, distinguished himself early and rose quickly through the ranks to become Chief of Production at MGM. His unofficial credo, “Nothing is impossible,” became the motto of his MGM staff. They knew him as a man who simply refused to take “No” for an answer.


During Hollywood’s golden age, Cohn was instrumental in the making of such film classics as Ben Hur, Gigi, Mutiny on the Bounty and, most beloved of all, The Wizard of Oz. Today, the Scarecrow label pays tribute to the endearing and indomitable character from that film. Scarecrow evokes a distinctly American agricultural icon and American optimism. And most importantly, Scarecrow honors the remarkable life of J.J. Cohn.

Cohn lived to be 100 years old, spanning a defining century that he helped to shape. The people who labor with passion and conviction to bring you Scarecrow wine are proud to be part of his living legacy.  
2011, Scarecrow - M.Etain Pris: 1.400,00 DKK
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2012 M. Etain Pris: 1.400,00 DKK
2014, Scarecrow - M. Etain Pris: 1.600,00 DKK

2012, Scarecrow Pris: 4.600,00 DKK
2013, Scarecrow Pris: 7.500,00 DKK
100 points by Robert Parker.

Vineyard Manager Michael Wolf:

2013 saw a year with comparatively low rainfall that yielded a rich and robust crop. An early bud break and ideal bloom-time weather led to excellent vine and fruit growth in the spring, allowing for gradual, even ripening. Several trips through the vineyard were needed to thin the crop, bringing the fruit load to a level where optimal ripeness and flavor intensity could be achieved. There was only one heat spike, occurring in early July, but the vines and fruit were in good condition and suffered no harm. Harvest came early throughout much of the valley, and the J.J. Cohn Estate was no exception.

Winemaker Celia Welch writes of the 2013 Scarecrow:
Once again the Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon has been woven from the most balanced and luscious of the vineyard blocks on the historic J.J. Cohn Estate. Abundant with aromas of ripe purple berries, raspberries rolled in dark cocoa, hints of tarragon, cedar and tobacco and undertones of caramel and white tea, this wine provides a structured yet velvety entry, a mid-palate bursting with fresh fruit flavors, and a finish which demonstrates both power and elegance.
2014, Scarecrow Pris: 7.500,00 DKK

100 Points by Robert Parker.

Vineyard Manager Michael Wolf:
The 2014 rains came late in the season, providing enough soil moisture for the vines to grow well. It was a warm vintage, overall, but without damaging heat spikes, which allowed the fruit to ripen slowly and completely. There was a bit of time to catch our collective breath after the August 24th earthquake, as the fruit continued to ripen evenly, in spite of the chaos. Harvest was accomplished over an extended period of time, beginning on 9/19 and wrapping up on 10/13. Thanks to the temperate weather, there was no sense of urgency about harvest timing or logistics. 2014 yields were near historical norms, with the younger blocks of the J.J. Cohn vineyard coming into their own, and performing very well. Throughout the property, maturity was very uniform, and overall fruit quality was exceptional. 

Winemaker Celia Welch writes of the 2014 Scarecrow:
The consistency of this vintage during the growing season has, not surprisingly, manifested itself in the overall impression of the finished wine. Lovely cassis, black plum, violets, dried blackberries on the vine, baking spices, chestnut, and just a hint of fresh earth interconnect in the very forward aromas of this unmistakably Rutherford Cabernet. On the palate, the entry is balanced and elegant, polished but with a clear density, a flavor core that adds gravitas and suggests ageability. The finish is of wild plums, black cherry jam, and a hint of

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