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Scholium Wines

We are small. Our hands, our feet, our minds are in the wine. We make wine from vineyards that are distinguished sometimes by being ignored. Our wines often do not resemble other wines, but we are not renegades. We are students. Our projects are not always experiments-- sometimes we know what we are doing-- but they are always acts of emulation, looking up at the work of others we admire.
Thus, "scholium," from the Greek <<scholion>>, which shares the same root as "school, scholarship." It signifies a modest project, not a preeminent one, undertaken for the sake of learning, understanding–hence a commentary, an essay, a study. But no matter how much we learn, no matter how interesting our studies, if the wines do not bring pleasure, they are worthless. And if they do not circulate, our work is empty. So we strive harder every year to disseminate the wine-- the wines have no business staying in the same place, consumed by only a few.
You may see our wines here, including the newest release, the river package. We have just completed barrel tastings of these wines on both coasts, and the tasters were happy. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Pott "Pantagruel" 2007
2009, Scholium Wine Riquewihr Pris: 150,00 DKK
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2009, Scholium Midan Pris: 180,00 DKK
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2009, Scholium The Sylphs Pris: 500,00 DKK
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