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The Paring

The Paring has an extraordinary pedigree.
• Made from the vineyard blocks that are either too young or don’t fit into the vintage style of the highly acclaimed Jonata wines—The Paring is essentially a "chip off the old block"
• Sourced primarily from a region on the vanguard—Ballard Canyon in the Santa Ynez region
• The Paring bottlings explore different blending opportunities—from the rule-bending Paring White to the wide-ranging Cabernet net of winemaker Matt Dees.
The Paring makes its own rules.
• Vineyard experimentation is key; select vineyard sites are explored, and farmed to our rigorous standards. If and when they show us what we’re looking for, we bottle them.
• The Paring bottlings explore different styles and vineyards—from the dual stylistic expressions of Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay to the meticulously farmed Pinot Noir from a selection of distinctive Santa Barbara sites.
2011, The Paring - White Wine Pris: 170,00 DKK
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2010, The Paring Red Wine Pris: 200,00 DKK
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2014, The Paring Pinot Noir Pris: 240,00 DKK
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