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Dunn Vineyards

In 1978 Randy and Lori purchased a 14-acre parcel in Angwin with about 5 acres of Cabernet vines on it. At the time, Randy was working full-time as a winemaker in Rutherford. In the evenings and on weekends, Randy, Lori, and a young Mike tended the vines. The same year, Randy agreed to farm and buy the fruit from Harry Frank's adjoining property. That first harvest yielded 9 tons of fruit from these two vineyards. Randy purchased an additional 3 tons from the Beatty Ranch and Dunn Vineyards was underway.
Making it Official
Everything picked up speed after that. Randy, Lori, Mike and baby Jennifer moved onto the property that today is the winery. In 1981, the winery was officially bonded. By 1984 the ATF approved Howell Mountain as a sub-AVA of the Napa Valley. Kristina was born and Lori was now running after 2 young daughters and a teenage son. Randy was still working down in the valley so the family business was still relegated to evenings and weekends. But things were going well. By 1985 they moved into the new family house (the "Brown House") and Randy left his job in the valley.
Full Speed Ahead
By the end of the '80's Dunn Vineyards had become a successful operation. Randy was consulting for other wineries and selling out all of his wine. In 1989 he had run out of room to store barrels and he tunneled into the mountain to make more space. Now they had room for more barrels and a place for Jenny and Kristina to rollerskate.
The Kids Get Back Involved
In 1999, Mike came back to help out part-time. It took about three years, but the "cellar grunt" came on full-time. Kristina graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in winemaking and viticulture and came onboard. By 2005, both kids were working full-time for Randy. Dunn Vineyards had always been a family business, but this was a whole new level.
The Third Generation
Kristina's girls are a little young yet, but they tour the vineyards eating wild blackberries, testing grape ripeness and visiting uncle Mike. Mike's son Alex has been helping out with bottling for the past several years and 2017 was his first full harvest. So far it looks good for the Dunn clan to continue farming this land.
Above the Fog
There are some distinct benefits to being above 1400 feet in elevation. We tend to see more sunshine each day and the heat tends to be more moderate. But spring starts later for us and, like winter, tends to be cooler here than on the valley floor. Frost is a concern from bud break through flowering. In 2008, four days of 19-degree temperatures devastated half our crop. Our yields average about 2 tons an acre (which is really low) but the cool, wet vintages do not have the same negative effects that come with being on the valley floor.
We farm about 35 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon on the property. This is a manageable size for us to remain in the driver's seat for all farming and winemaking operations
1993 Dunn, Howell Mountain Petit Sirah Pris: 2.000,00 DKK
   På lager
1989, Dunn Howell Mountain Pris: 2.200,00 DKK
   På lager
1998, Dunn Napa Valley Cab Pris: 1.600,00 DKK
   På lager
1998, Dunn Howell Mountain Pris: 1.900,00 DKK
   På lager
1998, Dunn Howell Mountain Magnum Pris: 4.000,00 DKK
   På lager
2013, Dunn, Napa Valley Pris: 800,00 DKK
   På lager
2013, Dunn Howell Mountain Pris: 1.000,00 DKK
The 2013 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is a total beauty from Randy and Mike Dunn. This refined and beautifully made Cabernet begins with alluring aromatics of dark cherries and blackberries, which are laced with spring florals, tobacco and graphite nuances. This showcases the Dunn’s signature winemaking style of a beautifully structured and balanced Cabernet. It continues to impress with gorgeous ripe fruit and outstanding precision and tension that pulls it all together. It's no secret that the Dunn’s are making some of Napa Valley’s finest wines up on Howell Mountain and this is a testament to the effort and experience they put into their wines. A sensational Cabernet with a long, bright future ahead.
98 International Winereport
2014, Dunn Napa Valley Pris: 800,00 DKK
   På lager
2014, Dunn Howell Mountain Pris: 1.000,00 DKK
   På lager
Dunn’s 2014 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is an even more impressive showing. This stunning wine bursts opens with profound aromatics of ripe dark cherries and black currants along with graphite, fresh florals and hints of earth all taking shape. On the palate this demonstrates outstanding overall balance and structure, with gorgeous a textural richness and impressive depth leading up to the finish. Polished and classy, this is simply a beautifully made Howell Mountain Cabernet from the Dunn’s, which will age gracefully for many years.
97 International Winereport
2015 Dunn Vineyards Napa Valley Pris: 800,00 DKK
   På lager
2015, Dunn Vineyards Howell Mt. Pris: 1.200,00 DKK
   På lager
Incoming spring 2020

Tasted from barrel, the 2015 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is shaping up to be a total knockout. Already showing seductive aromas of dark cherries, currants, violets, tobacco and graphite nuances. On the palate this displays wonderful opulence and depth along with the outstanding structure you would expect from the Dunn’s. Expansive and long, this has the potential to be a total gem.
96-98 International Winereport
2013, Dunn "Trailer Vineyard" Howell Mt. OWC m. 3 fl. Pris: 13.800,00 DKK
   På lager

Will arrive april 2020

100 points fra Decanter / William Kelly 31/5 -2016
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