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Herman J. Wiemer - Finger Lakes

Since their founding in 1979, Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard has been a pioneer of viticulture and winemaking in the Finger Lakes. Hermann came to the region determined to produce fine wines that would garner national attention. Today, their estate spans 80-acres of prime vineyard sites on the western slopes of Seneca Lake and their wines are among the most acclaimed in the region.
Estate fruit is hand-harvested and hand-sorted. Vineyard qualities are isolated, worked in small lots, and blended for balance and texture. Efforts in the past decade have centered on building biodiversity at their sites. They have eliminated synthetic inputs, like herbicides or insecticides, instead focusing on ecological solutions like beneficial flora and fauna. Fermentations now rely on indigenous yeasts, adding to their efforts to ensure each wine embodies the truest expression of its site.
More than ever, their commitment to place draws on the same forward-thinking techniques and respect for the past that have fueled their mission since Hermann’s first block of Riesling was planted forty years ago.
2016, Herman J. Wiemer Dry Riesling Pris: 200,00 DKK
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The 2016 Dry Riesling still has nine grams per liter of residual sugar, but this is the Finger Lakes, meaning it still shows dry—but it is fruity and nowhere near austere. Sourced roughly evenly from the winery's key terroirs of HJW, Josef and Magdalena (a little heavier on the HJW), this is round, ripe and delicious, with classic flavors and aromas and just a touch of sugar on the end. It's a terrific "everyday" Riesling in price, but in quality it easily exceeds that description. The sugary nuances will blow off as this ages, and it will begin to seem drier. Indeed, I recorked it and retasted it some six hours later. The fruity burst was more moderate, and it was respectably dry, although clearly less so in perception than the Dry Reserve or the Riesling Bio. The next day, it was far more gripping, showing its structure as well as its concentration and personality. As it began to seem drier, it showed more tension too. This is by no means the best of Wiemer's Rieslings this issue, but it is quite possibly the best bargain. Everyone will like it, and it will age well too.

91 Robert Parker
2014, Herman J. Wiemer Late harvest Riesling Pris: 260,00 DKK
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This enticing Riesling is crafted in the traditional German Spätlese style, with moderate natural sweetness counterpoised by a bright, invigorating liveliness. In a yearly gamble against the weather, grapes for Spätlese wines are left to hang for a longer time on the vines, allowing them to develop riper flavor profiles. The later picking also increases must weight resulting in a more full-bodied wine. Spätlese wines have a greater intensity and strength than Kabinett-style wines, though are still the lightest of the late harvest wines. The outcome is a wine with an elegant yet luscious nose, followed by a generous palate of crisp ripe fruit and floral notes, lingering into a long, naturally sweet finish. Our exceptional late harvest wine pairs well with cheese and fruit, with lighter roasted or barbequed meats, or serves as a refreshing after-dinner wine.
Food Pairing: Lobster, Cream Sauces, Soft & BlueCheeses
2014, Herman J. Wiemer Dry Riesling. 375 ml. Pris: 140,00 DKK
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Our signature Riesling is vibrant and aromatic, featuring the distinctive minerality that has become our trademark. Fragrant essence of spring blossoms sets the stage for a succulent palate of early fruit, balanced with a refreshing crispness, revealing the true qualities of the Riesling grape. A brilliant texture carries into a lingering finish, in a wine that accommodates a wide range of food.
Food Pairing: Asian cuisine, Poultry, Shellfish
2014, Herman J. Wiemer Dry Riesling Reserve Pris: 270,00 DKK
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The finest qualities of the estate are expressed in our Reserve Dry Riesling, an exclusive wine spotlighting unique characteristics from all three of our vineyard sites. Small selections of grapes are meticulously chosen from specifically identified lots, which are fermented separately and then blended to create the exquisite balance of juiciness, freshness, and minerality displayed in this specialty bottling. A brilliant, tangy nose heralds a burst of stone fruit and citrus zest on the palate. Fruit and minerality play into a lingering finish that continues to make the mouth water long after the wine is gone.
Food Pairing: Asian cuisine, Chicken, Pork
ESTATE VINEYARDS:50% Josef, 30% HJW, 20% Magdalena
HARVEST:October, 2016
VINIFICATION:Whole Cluster Press, Cold Fermentation 7+ Months, No fining or filtering agents, Estate grown & bottled
2014, Herman J. Wiemer HJW Riesling Pris: 330,00 DKK
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Planted in 1976, our HJW Vineyard features Hermann’s original plantings on Seneca Lake. Mature vines, combined with the site’s shallow topsoil and shale bedrock, produce lower yields, resulting in expressively vibrant flavors. Higher elevation and a greater distance from Seneca Lake contribute to a cooler growing season, resulting in a leaner, more austere wine with intense flavor and an excellent aging potential. These core characteristics of the HJW vineyard are expressed in this exclusive vineyard-specific wine. Invigorating crispness and an appealing balance of flavors combine with an unprecedented minerality, which carries into an impressive and enduring finish. 
HARVEST:September 27- October 20, 2016
VINIFICATION:Cold Fermentation 7+ Months, Estate grown & bottled, No fining or filtering agents, Whole Cluster Press
2012, Herman J. Wiemer Sauvignon Blanc BA 375 ml. Pris: 800,00 DKK
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2012, Herman J. Wiemer TBA Pris: 1.050,00 DKK
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2016, Herman J. Wiemer Cabernet Franc Pris: 260,00 DKK
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Ideally suited to cool climate growing, Cabernet Franc is quickly gaining a reputation as a principal red wine grape in the Finger Lakes where long, brisk autumns allow for slow ripening. The outcome is a consistently ripe presentation with exceptional depth and body. Cabernet Franc is often used as a base for a blend, but the region is proving that the grape stands well on its own as a full-bodied wine. An alluring black cherry color and a compelling nose precede a palate that is generous and round, marked by vivacious berry flavors, along with savory earth notes and a full structure. Firm tannins grip the tongue, then soften into a flavorsome, pungent finish. 
Food Pairing: Beef, Lamb, Grilled Meat
ESTATE VINEYARDS:Magdalena, Seneca Lake AVA
HARVEST:October 2016
VINIFICATION:8 Months in Older French Oak, Fermented in Individual 100 Gallon Lots, No fining or filtering agents
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