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Mendelson Wines

MENDELSON WINES are hand-crafted gems produced in small lots in Napa, California, from the finest California vineyards. We have been making a vineyard designated Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation, off the Monterey coast, since 2001. This is New World Pinot at its finest: richly colored, wild cherry fruit, a masculine body with lots of guts and backbone, and an elegant, silky finish.
We have produced dessert wines since 1994. Select bunches of late harvest grapes are harvested by hand late each fall, then fermented in small oak barrels and fortified lightly with the finest alembic pot-distilled brandy. Following in the tradition of the Russian czars, who made these Old World dessert wines famous as part of the Massandra Collection, our Pinot Gris and Muscat Canelli wines are enjoyable in their youth but will age for many years. Serve them lightly chilled.
Mendelson Muscat Canelli Reserve Lot 1 Pris: 320,00 DKK
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The Mendelson ‘Vins doux naturels wines are naturally sweet and lightly fortified. In a process known as ‘mutage’, wine spirits are added to the fermenting grapes before all the natural sugar is converted to alcohol. Vins doux naturels wines accompany a wide range of cuisine, from appetizers to desserts.
This is our first non-vintage Muscat, blended across vintages dating back to our first Muscat Canelli in 1998. These wines have sat in barrel in our cellars, quietly aging, marrying the pot-distilled spirits that we use for forti- fication with the bright tropical fruits that characterize our Muscat Canelli Dessert Wines. Over time, the wine has mellowed into a golden, luscious, yet still vibrant, wine. The aromas are rich tropical fruits; the flavors are banana, pineapple and coconut, with brown sugar accents. The finish is very long but not cloying. This will has a very long life ahead of it.
Technical data
Appellation / Mendocino County
Total cooperage / French oak
Total acidity / 0.56 gm/100ml
Residual sugar / 16.0%
Varietal / 100% Muscat Canelli
Alcohol / 14.1%.
pH / 3.84
cases produced / 100
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