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RdV - Virginia

Rutger de Vink
When Rutger de Vink decided that he would one day create a world-class wine in Virginia, there was nothing on earth that could stop him. An apprenticeship with Virginia’s Linden Vineyards, and with numerous other well-known vineyards in California and Bordeaux, solidified his love of winemaking and helped him hone his skills. After years of exhaustive research, planning, and searching for a site, he finally established RdV in 2004. This former Recon Marine turned corporate executive turned vigneron was one step closer to realizing his dream. Every day, Rutger pours his energy and passion into the vineyard, infusing the RdV culture with his tenacious approach to life. When he’s not outside working in the vineyard, he, together with his partner Jenny, can be found gardening and caring for their family

The Vineyard
Our journey started with a search for land. Despite prevailing industry assumptions (or maybe precisely because of them) we chose to look in a largely unknown, unproven region. Three years and hundreds of soil samples later, we found it — the place we knew could upend expectations and produce some of the world’s finest wine.
For two years, we studied the land and worked the earth, uncovering a vast expanse of granite. Renowned experts from the US and France, as well as our own research and experience, guided us in understanding how to coax the best from our terroir. We decided to cultivate our 30,000 plants by hand and practice sustainable viticulture to work in harmony with the land. This intentional dedication to science and nature has led to irrefutable results: a wine of astonishing complexity and finesse.
RdV’s 16 acres of vines are located on a steep, stony hillside in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, roughly 60 miles west of Washington, DC. Our vineyard is divided into 11 parcels dedicated to growing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. We focus on doing one thing extraordinarily well — creating iconic Bordeaux-style blends.
2011, RdV Friends & Family Pris: 375,00 DKK
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Friends and Family is RdV Vineyards’ third wine, after Lost Mountain and Rendezvous. That means it actually gets into distribution beyond the winery’s direct sales and restaurant placements. This is your chance to taste what the fuss is all about. Friends and Family is a bit angular and edgy, but it shares the lovely blackberry and plum core that characterizes the winery’s two more expensive wines. Good winemaking shows, even in wines that don’t make it into the top bottlings. ABV: 14.5 percent.
2010, RdV Rendezvous Pris: 775,00 DKK
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Record temperatures in late March set the momentum for the hot and dry season that would follow. With the vines breaking bud in early April, the season began nearly three weeks ahead of average. Much to our pleasant surprise, these dry Mediterranean conditions continued all the way through harvest, which began in early September and was complete by mid-October. Small intense berries produced wines with tremendous concentration and power that will undoubtedly age gracefully for many years to come.
16/20 Jancis Robinson
2011, RdV Lost Mountain Pris: 1.000,00 DKK
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In 2011 Mother Nature proved temperamental at times, testing our site and our determination. A quick but violent hailstorm in early July reduced the crop load by 30 percent. Luckily, the vines are resilient, and by late August we were again optimistic—until Hurricane Irene and a month of unrelenting cloudy weather paid us a visit, reducing our yields by another 40 percent. Despite these struggles, we were thrilled with the remarkable, elegant wines produced. The only thing we are left wanting is more bottles in the cellar.
17/20 Jancis Robinson
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