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Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard

For 30 years, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard was located at one of the oldest continuously operated vineyards in California, originally established in 1863 as the Jarvis Brothers Vineyard. Ken Burnap started the winery in 1975, setting out to make the finest Pinot Noir possible in California. Ken had done years of research into what conditions were necessary to produce good Pinot Noir, and the Santa Cruz Mountains region ended up being his final choice as the area with the greatest potential for excellent wines. The first release under the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard label was the highly regarded 1975 vintage.

In 1979 Ken hired Jeff Emery for part-time cellar work and vineyard tending while Jeff was working on a degree at UCSC. By the time he graduated (in geology) he was hopelessly seduced by the joys of growing grapes and making wine and couldn’t possibly look for a real job. A wonderful apprenticeship and collaboration was established between Ken and Jeff. By the time Ken retired in 2002 Jeff had fully taken over the day-to-day business operations and the winemaking. In the summer of 2004, Ken sold the vineyard property on Jarvis Road, and the winemaking operations for Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard moved with Jeff to a new location near Boulder Creek, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In the spring of 2008 the winery moved to its present location on the west side of the City of Santa Cruz.


2014 SCMV Bailey's Pinot Noir Pris: 260,00 DKK
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This is a Pinot Noir Vineyard located in the Vine Hill area near our old Estate Winery location on Jarvis Road. It was planted in 1999 and consists of Dijon clones 667 and 115. It is meticulously tended and is a showcase vineyard for showing off Pinot Noir cultivation in the Santa Cruz Mountains at its best.

The Vineyard is at a high enough elevation (around 1,200 feet) to be out of the fog on most days but is low enough to have very cool nights from the Pacific Ocean. These conditions produce a very intense wine with great depth of flavors and the ability to age beautifully for at least two decades from the vintage.

Our 2014 has incredible depth and density compared to Pinot Noirs from other regions. There is a very rich and deep fruit component along with a lot of the earth and spice of the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation Pinots. This wine is big and powerful but it also has elegance and complexity in its youth that comes from a perfectly farmed vineyard.


Vineyard: Bailey’s Branciforte Ridge Vineyard

Appellation: Santa Cruz Mountains

Wine: 100% Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 12.5%

Production: 406 cases

French, Hungarian and inert barrels for 18 months

Wine is unfined and unfiltered

2017 SCMV Grenache Pris: 220,00 DKK
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Grenache is a wine that works great with many foods. It is really making a come-back in California as it can be a very versatile wine that will go with foods that you may not normally drink wine with, such as Indian, Mexican or Asian food. Grenache has the pizzazz to work with such exotic, and spicy, food selections.

This is the first year we have worked with this new source, the Hook Vineyard, part of Smith & Hook Estates in the Santa Lucia Highlands.

The Santa Lucia Highlands appellation of Monterey County is Pinot Noir country, so it has to be cooler, and when you put Grenache in this climate you get fantastic depth of fruit along with some zippy spicy elements.

This wine truly has an aroma of French cassis, a term we hesitate to use at all because it is misused so often in wine descriptions. There are also layers of white pepper and graphite on the nose, as well as some chaparral elements. The cassis follows through in the mouth, like the tinned cassis candies from Europe that specialty shops used to sell. This dance of fruit and spices continues through the taste and long into the finish. It is definitely a big wine with a good amount of structure that will stand up to the heartiest of foods, yet there is a brightness and tartness that allows it to fit with less hearty fare as well.


Hook Vineyard

Appellation: Santa Lucia Highlands

Wine: 100% Grenache

Alcohol: 14.0%

Production: 249 cases

2015 SCMV Cabernet Sauvignon Pris: 380,00 DKK
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This vineyard is a perfect example of a rough and rugged mountain vineyard that produces wine with tons of character. It was planted in 1981 on a very steep hillside on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains a little northeast of Monte Bello Ridge. It is an old fashioned vineyard with head-trained vines with no trellis wires – the site is too steep to have wires as tractors need to be able to cultivate either direction depending on the slope.

The yields are very low which results in very intense wine. This release has a lot of Cabernet fruit laced around other complexities. Cassis is an over-used adjective for wines, yet we feel it applies to the fruit in this wine. It has great berry character, but also an intriguing earthy element like you find with cassis. The wine has many layers once it wakes up, including complexities of anise, vanilla and some chaparral herbs. This is a rugged and feisty Cabernet Sauvignon for hearty meals now, or it will continue to age gracefully in the cellar for many years, easily going for two to three decades if properly cellared.

Vineyard: Luchessi Vineyard, Cupertino Hills

Appellation: Santa Cruz Mountains

Wine: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Alcohol: 13.6%

Production: 271 cases

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