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William kelly / Robert Parker sep 2018/

One of California's great wineries, Larry Turley's Turley Wine Cellars continues to play a critical role in safeguarding the Golden State's viticultural heritage, saving old, head-trained and sometimes own-rooted vineyards from destruction. With fully 29 different bottlings, Zinfandel (often complemented by small amounts of other co-planted varieties, such as Carignan and Grenache) is the standard-bearer here, though Turley also does a fantastic job with other varieties, most obviously Petite Syrah. Given how distinctive each of the single-vineyard bottlings is, it's tempting to suggest (though some will no doubt think it heretical) that Zinfandel might be the variety best adapted to expressing "terroir" in California.

While Turley's wines are often ripe, lusty reds that push 15% alcohol—Passalacqua says he wants "Zinfandel to taste like Zinfandel"—they are, on average, about 1% lower in alcohol now than in the last decade, and their new oak component (which includes American oak) is more discreet than it sometimes was in the past. What's more, all of Turley's sites are now certified organic or are undergoing conversion to organic. To my palate, the wines have only become purer and more expressive. With the 2016 vintage, reviewed here, Passalacqua feels that “the perfume is back,” as vines that are recovering from draught conditions have once again produced wines abundantly endowed with fragrant, vibrant fruit tones. They all come warmly recommended.


From the outset, Randy Dunn’s flagship Cabernet has been one of Napa Valley’s slowest agers and most consistently outstanding wines. This retrospective going back to the inaugural 1979 vintage showed the Howell Mountain Cabernet to be a wine of great intensity and staying power but also of restraint and class.

Remember what I said recently about the riskiness of holding Napa Valley Cabernets for more than 25 years? Well, you can waive that rule for Randy Dunn’s Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. On the contrary: Dunn’s flagship bottling presents a very different challenge. For the first 15 or 20 years of its production (the first vintage was 1979), many collectors worried that these intensely flavored, powerfully tannic wines would never come around – or that they (the collectors) wouldn’t live long enough to enjoy the wines in their full flush of maturity.

Læs mere på Vinous side her: https://vinous.com/articles/dunn-cabernet-sauvignon-howell-mountain-vertical-1979-2014-aug-2018

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